social justice

AROOJ influences a number of different local, regional and national policy forums. We recognise that to bring about sustained change for offenders’ and their families, local voices must occupy a national stage, promoting good practice and informing policy development.

Arooj is involved in the followling strategic groups:

Reducing reoffending third sector advisory group (rr3)

The Reducing Reoffending Third Sector Advisory Group meets quarterly with the purpose of building a strong and effective partnership between the voluntary sector, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) to reduce reoffending. The chair for the group and its secretariat is provided by Clinks.

the young review

Launched within a climate of significant public sector reform the Young Review explored how the disparity in outcomes experienced by young black and Muslim men in the criminal justice system might be addressed.

Chaired by Baroness Young of Hornsey, the Young Review final report was launched in 2014, which highlighted the need for a collaborative approach to ensure that the needs of service users from this target group are met.

Equality and diversity in prisons

Since 2007, Arooj has been actively involved in a number of prisons to support their work in ensuring that all aspects of Equality and Diversity are met.

Equality Action Team (EAT)

Arooj is a member if HMP Kirkham and HMP Lancaster EAT Boards, which meets quarterly with the Governors to look at all aspects of Equality and Diversity issues.

Diversity Incidents Report Forms (DIRF)

Arooj has been independently undertaking Quality Assurance Assessments DIRF’s, which are complaints submitted by prisoners. After completion of complaint investigation, feedback  is given to the Governor and the Equalities Manager.