• AROOJ is committed to a policy of equality and diversity, actively seeking to ensure that our services are accessible to all and delivered to reflect the diverse needs of families and offenders we support.
  • Equality is integral to the AROOJ ethos.
  • We are an organisation who love to celebrate and promote the diversity of those we support, acknowledging the richness to be found in our differences. Throughout AROOJ’s history we have been particularly active in promoting equality and fairness in all that we do.
  • AROOJ have a significant understanding of the issues associated with race and have sought to promote racial justice and tackle racism within the prison system since our inception.
  • AROOJ approach is always user led. Our organisation was founded by working in Partnership with service users and continues to take direction from the needs of our beneficiaries. We pride ourselves on the extent to which we encourage user involvement and believe that it is what makes us different.
  • AROOJ has undertaken several primary research projects that explore the needs of Muslim and BAME offenders and their families in depth.